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Nordic Walking

*Nordic walking is a lovely form of exercise which uses specially designed poles to enhance your natural walking experience ensuring the whole body shares the workload and in doing so benefits from every step you take.

Developed from the summer training regime of cross-country skiers, Nordic walking has evolved into an effective way to exercise which can be shared by people of different levels of fitness. Not to be confused with ‘rambling’ or ‘trekking’ with poles, Nordic Walking uses a unique technique. 


Shows how to move in a balanced natural way that will avoid injury and develop a high level of fitness.

Encourages people to enjoy moving again.

Helps those who can’t move well to move better.                                                

Women Walking

Boost your fitness levels and general well-being.

Strengthen your back and abdomen, improving your posture and gait.

Burn up more calories compared to normal walking.

Walking Group

Whatever your age, come and discover the benefits of Nordic walking and improve your quality of life whilst enjoying the great outdoors.

*The Complete Guide To Nordic Walking by Gill Stewart

Nordic Walking: Activities
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